The Toilet

Today I called the maintenance man to come take a look at thetoilet in the women's restroom. It was overflowing and clogged.  This is a weekly occurrence. I call this man each week to come fix our toilet and he shuffles in and gets it done without a word. It's his job. But today he'd had enough of touching our toilet. And he decided to let me know, to take it out on me.

Me: So is it all fixed?

Toilet Man: How many of you women use this toilet?

Me: You mean each day?

Toilet Man: What are you women stuffing down this toilet?

Me:  I'm not stuffing anything in the toilet and I really can't speak for...

Toilet Man: It is disgusting! You are all disgusting! I've never had to deal with one toilet so often. I mean can't you just hold it until you get home?

Me: Uh...

Toilet Man: Learn to control yourself or get a litter box or something.

And he storms out of the office. But he'll be back, about this time next week. And I think I'll tell him that we've all started wearing Depends, just to make his life a little easier.


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