You Look Like Jesus

An email:

Do you know anyone that looks like Jesus? Maybe they don't now, but they would if they had a beard and a wig on. Think about your friends with Jesus beards and Jesus wigs. We are shooting a short film and are on the hunt for Jesus. Jesus would not need to know how to act, and he would only have to be on set for about two hours. Get back to me ASAP.

My response:

If you've got the beard and the wig I've got the woman for you. She's my best friend, and I think she would look exactly like Jesus once you bearded/wigged her. She's an atheist so I don't know how she feels about playing Jesus, but maybe she would do it for ironic laughs. She certainly doesn't know how to act, she's an accountant. I'll be her agent/manager/bodyguard.


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