Listeners Use Big Words

My vocab is like totally expanding because of our super duper smart listeners. When they yell at me on the phone, or try and hug me in the parking lot, I really do listen to their comments. Then I Google what they have said so I can try and learn--and sometimes I just make up my own definitions:

This means that it is Monday.

Eclectic--This means to wear a lot of different colored beads and multiple unfinished knitting projects.

Abrasive--This word refers to how Comet cleans a bathtub and not "the voice of your evening announcer."

Illuminating--This is what happens when you shine your bike headlamp in my eyes when I am locking the front door at night. 

Lackadaisical--This is what happens when I think about ordering everyone a new calendar for 2007.

Erudite--The definition said being "well rounded"; I guess that means the intern Barbara, she is a life size Weeble Wobble.

Example: Barbara is an Erudite.


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