Reader Mail

Since the crazies l appear to be off on ecological digs with their spiritual gurus, I thought I would delve into some reader mail. Most of my mail comes from other poor public radio slaves. Better to commiserate with my pretty. I've decided to totally embellish a reader's story so even they won't know it actually happened to them. Enjoy:

It was a dark and stormy night. Frederick Von Hoagie was manning the phones at WXYZ. He had just been to the vending machine down the hall. He had purchased one of those red, coconut covered balls. Actually he had purchased two. There were two in the pack. Frederick was lactose intolerant. Sometimes when he pilfered an ice cream sandwich from the station refrigerator, he was able to close the door in the control room and really stink it up.  Not tonight, though. Tonight he would eat his balls and be happy. The phone rang.

Frederick answered, "WXYZ, Fred speaking."

"I have a request." It was a young boy. Frederick guessed the lad was no more than ten.

"I"ll try to be of service. What would you like to hear? We are in the midst of a classical block--a twelve hour block of classical."

"I would like to hear something by Beethoven," the young man pleaded.

"Okay, which piece would you like to hear?"

"Either one will be fine."


Thank you Frederick Von Hoagie for your story. And here's hoping that you let that young man give a shout out to the homies in his Beethoven fan club.


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